The most stable stone revetment currently available.

Innovative stone revetment

After a four-year adventure of development, Holcim Coastal has achieved it: its Basalton Quattroblock is the most stable stone revetment of the moment. This is the reason why construction consortium Levvel has chosen to apply this innovative stone revetment on the Afsluitdijk. It is a milestone as the dike represents the first application of the Quattroblock.


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11 Aug 2022 Basalton Quattroblock, shore protection proofs to be even more efficient

The stability of Holcim’s Basalton Quattroblocks proved to be so high during the tests conducted in Delft in 2017 that they could not be loaded to their maximum capacity. In January 2022, new tests were conducted to determine the maximum stability of the Basalton Quattroblock, a slope protection element.





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