24TH of June 2022

The “new” factory in Alphen has been in operation for years now for the largest hydraulic engineering project in the Netherlands, the renovation of the Afsluitdijk. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of Basalton Quattroblocks have passed through our factory, stacked on our premises, and transported by ship to the north.


So in Alphen, they knew what the concrete walls made of stacked Quattroblocks looked like, but how they were actually being applied was unknown.


On Friday, our entire team from the factory and office boarded a bus heading north. In Breezanddijk, the men from Levvel – Afsluitdijk Project, Kees Hoek van der and RenĂ© Sala, joined us on the bus to provide explanations about the design and execution of the dike renovation.

A visit to the Ballerina, the installation giant, was a must. Here, we could witness the experts in action, precisely placing the Basalton Quattroblocks down to the centimeter. Everyone was impressed by the speed, accuracy, and dedication of the Levvel team.


Afterward, we were given the opportunity to step back from the work and admire the entire Afsluitdijk from the water. Onboard, we enjoyed a nice lunch while receiving explanations about the entire project, including the renovation of the locks and the fish migration river.


We also received explanations from a passionate skipper and biologist about the ins and outs of nature in the Wadden Sea. We never knew that seals weren’t as innocent as they seemed. The day concluded with a dinner where everyone could exchange their experiences from the day.


It was a successful day, and now everyone at Holcim Coastal knows how our Basalton Quattroblocks, along with the Levvel blocks, will help keep the Afsluitdijk safe for a considerable period. We extend our gratitude to Levvel for making this day possible.

11 Aug 2022 Basalton Quattroblock, shore protection proofs to be even more efficient

The stability of Holcim’s Basalton Quattroblocks proved to be so high during the tests conducted in Delft in 2017 that they could not be loaded to their maximum capacity. In January 2022, new tests were conducted to determine the maximum stability of the Basalton Quattroblock, a slope protection element.





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