24th June 2022

Shore protection proofs to be even more efficient

During the initial stability test of the Basalton Qattroblocks, conducted for the Afsluitdijk Project in 2017, the stability of the block was so high that it could not be tested to its full capacity. At the time, the stability factor was set at a lower limit of 1.37. After the new tests, the stability factor of the Basalton Quattroblock was established to be no less than 1.64. The Basalton Quattroblock remains the most stable revetment unit for revetments and shores.

CO2 reduction at lower costs
With a stability number of 1.64, design can be done even more efficiently. Constructions covered with Basalton Quattroblock can withstand larger waves, and both new projects and renovations of existing works can be carried out with a thinner armour layer. This saves concrete and CO2, results in a lower EPD for the entire project and provides cost savings for the end user.